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The LiNA XciseTM is a cordless fully disposable morcellator intended for tissue morcellation during laparoscopic gynaecological procedures. The unique design of the LiNA XciseTM provides safe and easy control during hysterectomy and myomectomy.



Single use device that is completely ready to use


• Cordless and no assembly required

The morcellator can be used right out of the box and as it is cordless there is no need for assembly to driver box or cable. The LiNA Xcise™ is therefore quick, simple and easy to use and facilitates unlimited mobility of the OR staff.

• Fully disposable

The LiNA Xcise™ is RoSH compliant and fully disposable in regular hospital waste.

• Power

The LiNA Xcise™ has a higher torque and runs at 1,000RPM to morcellate through the most fibrotic tissue (Largest reported uterus morcellated by LiNA Xcise was 2930gr).


Innovation in Gynaecology

Cordless Morcellator

Improved Safety

Reducing procedure time




Easy and effective morcellation

• Flared cutting tube

Cutting tube on The LiNA Xcise™’s flares out to a larger diameter as tissue is pulled through, which reduces drag, provide long tissue strips and reduces tissue rotation.

• Inner bevel blade design

The LiNA Xcise™ features a large inner bevel blade design preventing the blade from going dull from inadvertent contact with the tenaculum.

• Adjustable coreguard

The coreguard on the cutting tube can be adjusted and rotated 360° according to the hand position ensuring optimal peeling effect.

• 5mm reducer cap

The reducer cap has a simple snap-on design for quick exchange and optimal use of 5mm instrument.


Full control during morcellation

• Three-step positioning

The LiNA Xcise™ has three blade positions to secure an optimal and safe morcellation; “Safety Guard” – Blade fully retracted into the cannula for patient safety

“Cut 1” for surface peeling “Cut 2” for coring

Ordering information:

LiNA Xcise™

REF. Product Packing
MOR-1515 LiNA Xcise – 15mm morcellator with obturator – single use 2x boxes of 6, sterile
MOR-1515-1 LiNA Xcise – 15mm morcellator with obturator – single use 2x boxes of 6, sterile, individually packed
MOR-1515-6 LiNA Xcise – 15mm morcellator with obturator – single use 1x box of 6, sterile


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