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Laparoscopic Intestinal Clamp Forceps are used to clamp the large organs such as Intestines, lungs etc. in various applications in Laparoscopic Surgery, Onco Surgery, Gastroenterology and Bariatric / Obesity Surgery.

ByRL Instruments can be completely disassembled into separate components :

  • Handle with Ratchet/ Plain (without Ratchet).
  • Outer sheath/ outer sheath with working insert
  • Working  Insert.

Product Features:

  • Laparoscopic Intestinal Clamp forceps are available in 2 different types of jaws for various laparoscopic applications.
  • Long Straight /Curved Jaws for effective clamping of Intestine or any other large organs.
  • Detachable handle with insert and outer sheath helps in easy cleaning of instrument.
  • Stepless 360-degrees rotation of the insert.
  • Choice of handle styles. Ergonomic designed handles are made up of Medical Grade Plastic / Polycarbonate, with and without ratchets, with larger contact area at the finger ring – meeting high safety requirements for the surgeons.
  • Antislip surface on the handle for easy and safe grip.
  • Standard monopolar connector pin for unipolar dissection & coagulation, can be fit in with any standard monopolar cable.
  •  Available in both Disposable and Reusable (Autoclavable) instruments.
  • Available in sizes 5mm and 10mm with length 33 cms & 43 cms.
  • If damage occurs, only the component with the defect needs to be replaced- not the entire instrument.

Types of Jaws Available:-

  1. Intestinal Clamp Forcep Straight
  2. Intestinal Clamp Forcep Curved


Intestinal Clamp Forcep Straight

Intestinal Clamp Forcep Curved

Ordering Information

REF No. Description Size Packing
BCISF-P-05 ByRL Intestinal Clamp Forcep straight with Plain Handle 5mm, 33cm Long, Reusable/ Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1
BCICF-P-05 ByRL Intestinal Clamp Forcep Curved with Plain Handle 5mm, 33cm Long, Reusable/ Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1

Plain Handle

Handle with Ratchet

Ordering Information

REF No. Description Size Packing
BFHP ByRL Reusbale Fibre Handle Plain Box of 1
BFHBR ByRL Fibre Handle with Bottom Ratchet Box of 1


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