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Laparoscopic Bipolar Instruments are used in various surgical applications in Laparoscopic surgery, General Surgery, Onco Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology, Gastroenterology, Bariatric/Obesity Surgery  and Paediatric Surgery.

ByRL Instruments can be completely disassembled into separate components :

  • Handle with Ratchet/ Plain (without Ratchet).
  • Outer sheath/ outer sheath with working insert
  • Working  Insert.

Product Features:

  • Laparoscopic Bipolar Instruments are available in 6 different types for various laparoscopic applications.
  • Detachable handle with insert and outer sheath helps in easy cleaning of instrument.
  • Stepless 360-degrees rotation of the blade.
  • Choice of handle styles. Ergonomic designed handles are made up of Medical Grade Plastic / Polycarbonate, with and without ratchets, with larger contact area at the finger ring – meeting high safety requirements for the surgeons.
  • Antislip surface on the handle for easy and safe grip.
  • Standard Bipolar connector pin for Bipolar cutting & coagulation, can be fit in with any standard Bipolar cable.
  •  Available in both Disposable and Reusable (Autoclavable) instruments.
  • Available in sizes 3.5mm, 5mm and 10mm with length 33 cms & 43 cms.
  • If damage occurs, only the component with the defect needs to be replaced- not the entire instrument.

Types of Bipolar Instruments available :

  1. Bipolar Maryland Grasper
  2. Bipolar Vessel Sealer & Cutter
  3. Bipolar Fenestrated Grasper single action
  4. Bipolar Robi Grasper
  5. Bipolar ‘U’ Handle Grasper
  6. Bipolar Bissinger Forcep


Bipolar Maryland Grasper

Bipolar Vessel Sealer and cutter

Bipolar Fenestrated Grasper (SA)

Bipolar Robi Grasper

Bipolar ‘U’ handle Grasper

Bipolar Bissinger

Ordering Information

REF No. Description Size Packing
BBMG-05 ByRL Bipolar Maryland Grasper 5mm, 33cm Long, Reusable / Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1
BBVSC-05 ByRL Bipolar Vessel Sealer and cutter 5mm, 33cm Long, Reusable/ Autovclavable 5mm Box of 1
BBFG-05 ByRL Bipolar Fenestrated Grasper (SA) 5mm, 33cm Long, Reusable/ Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1
BBRG-05 ByRL Bipolar Robi Grasper 5mm, 33cm long Reusable / Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1
BBUHG-05 ByRL Bipolar ‘U’ handle Grasper 5mm, 33cm Long, Reusable / Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1
BBBS-05 ByRL Bipolar Bissinger 5mm, 33cm Reusable/ Autoclavable 5mm Box of 1


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