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• Osteoarthritis

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

Each vegetarian capsule contains:


Standardized 65% Boswellic acid…..Boswellia serrata extract 225mg


Standardized 10% Ketosterone…. Cissus quadragularis extract 150mg


Standardized 95% Curcumin…. Curcuma longa extraca 125mg


Standardized 30% AKBA…. Boswellia serrata extract 50mg


Standardized 95% Piperine….Piper nigrum extract 7.5mg


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Boswellia serrata extract:

1. Boswellic acid prevent the formation of leukotrienes * in the body.
2. It inhibits 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX), an enzyme that produces leukotriene

Cissus quadrangularis extract:

1. Reduces inflammation by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory cytokines,thus reducing the joint pain.
2. Prevents the bone loss by altering levels of certain protein involved in bone metabolism.

Curcuma longa extract:

1. Blocks Nf- kappa Beta,IL – 1 & 6.
2. Inhibits COX 2 & 5 LOX Pathways.

AKBA (10 Acetyl Keto Boswellic acid):

1. It Inhibits 5-LOX enzyme thus reduces pain and inflammation.
2. Inhibits cartilage degrading enzyme Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 (MMP 3) from synovial fluid and prevent cartilage damage.

Multi- Targeted Mode of Action:

  • Anti- Inflammatory
  • Anti- Arthritic
  • Analgesic
  • Cartilage protection & regeneration
  • Bone loss prevention
  • No Known Side effects
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