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ByRL specializes in Manufacturing, Importing & Marketing of innovative and simple to use devices for Minimally Invasive Gynecology, General Surgery & Urology. The company was founded in 2009 and has been engaged in marketing specialized Laparoscopic and Open surgery consumables and instruments. ByRL ability to focus on niche surgical specialties became a driving force in the company. The launch of the ByRL was the catalyst for the company’s strong focus in closely working with healthcare professionals and enabled us to launch a wide range of high quality Laparoscopic and Open surgery products. ByRL’s strategy of providing high quality products at affordable prices is enhancing the productivity of company every year. ByRL is dedicated to continued development of innovative products that improve the quality of patient’s lives in India.


LiNA OperaScope
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Let’s Create Hope.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, quoted by Hippocrates about 2,500 years ago is certainly the tenet of today so ByRL Medical India Pvt.Ltd.(BMI) proudly announce the launch of “HOPE”  the new era of  health & wellness with quality products backed by extensive research & experience.

Since 2009 Believes in your Rejuvenated Life.

Clients Feedback

Dr. Harshit 

Excellent product!!!

Dr. Atul N.C. Peters 

Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi

Have been using regularly. Happy with this product.

Dr. Pooja 

BYRL Medical manufactures a wide range of products that are very good in quality. It is very convenient for my hospital to get everything under one stop and at a very reasonable price.

Dr. Manish 

Indian healthcare facilities need a solution like Medikabazaar which can go a long way in not only cutting procurement cost.