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Trocar Reducers helps in using small diameter laparoscopic instruments through bigger diameter trocar cannula without any loss of CO2 gas leak during surgery.
  • Made up of Medical Grade Stainless Steel grade 303/304 and Medical Grade Plastic Flip Reducers.



Reducer Metal 5/3mm

Reducer Metal 7/5mm

Reducer Metal 10/5mm

Reducer Flip on 5/3mm

Reducer Flip on 10/5mm

Reducer Flip on 10/7mm

Ordering Information

REF No. Description Packing
BRM5/3 ByRL Metal Reducer 5/3 mm Box of 1
BRM7/5 ByRL Metal Reducer 7/5 mm Box of 1
BRM10/5 ByRL Metal Reducer 10/5 mm Box of 1
BRF10/5 ByRL Flip Reducer 10/5mm Box of 1


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