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Obese patients are at an increased risk for developing many medical problems, including insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, stroke, sleep apnoea, gallbladder disease, hyperuricemia and gout, and osteoarthritis.

Similarly, obesity has been identified as one of the common co morbid conditions associated with bipolar disorder.

The most basic definition of obesity refers to having excess fat. Measuring body fat can be cumbersome (i.e. measuring the percentage of body fat). Two common methods to assess the degree of obesity are measuring waist circumference, a surrogate for abdominal fat, and calculating the body mass index (BMI). Large waist circumference (> 40 inches for men and > 35 inches for women) has been shown to be an independent predictor of risk factors for obesity and increased morbidity. Waist circumference has been shown to be the anthropometric index that best predicts the distribution of adipose tissue in fat compartments such as the abdominal region. Certain body shapes among obese individuals have a strong relationship with an increased incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. Apple-shaped individuals have increased visceral fat and a higher incidence of these diseases. Pear-shaped individuals have increased subcutaneous fat and a lower risk of these diseases. The BMI quantifies the relationship between height and weight4 and is calculated as weight (kg)/height squared (m2). Obesity is defined as a BMI > 30. This definition is further subdivided into obesity classes 1 (30–34.9), 2 (35–39.9), and 3 (> 40). These classifications allow for identification of individuals at increased risk of obesity-associated complications and for specific disorders. Overweight in children is defined as a BMI > the 85th percentile, while obesity in children is defined as a BMI > the 95th percentile.


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Direction to Use:
to be used as dietary supplement:

If BMI is 26-30 Take 1 tablet 2 times daily with water after food.

BMI is 30 & above Take 2 tablets 2 times daily with water after food.

Safety Information:

Not to be used during pregnancy or nursing.

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4 reviews for ByRLSLIM®

  1. Subash Gupta

    Wonderful Product i lost 15 kgs in 4 month .

  2. Subash Gupta

    Wonderful Results .Lost 15 kg in 4 months .I am satisfied & still continuing it .

  3. Raj Pratap Singh

    Good Product
    Lost in First month 3 kgs

  4. Subash

    Started using this product
    Feeling Good & full of energy .

    • admin

      Thank you for using Byrlslim.Pls inform us the BMI when you started.

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