• LiNA AntiFog Solution™

    Provides clear camera optics during
    endoscopic surgery


    LiNA AntiFog Solution™

    LiNA Medical’s range of antifog solutions consists of LiNA Elfred, LiNA Clear Sight and LiNA Clear Sight Wipe.


    LiNA Elfred

    LiNA Elfred consists of a small sponge in an aluminium foil container with adhesive on the back. The sponge is prefilled with 6ml antifog solution. LiNA Elfred offers a high degree of convenience as it is simple and ready for use:

    • Remove the adhesive strip under the container and attach it to the patient drape or instrument table.
    • Remove the lid of the container.
    •  Press the scope onto the sponge and twist it to apply a membrane of the antifog solution.
    •  If required, the sponge can be taken out of the container to clean the sides of the scope.

    The LiNA Elfred is available with or without alcohol. The alcohol version has a longer shelf life.

    LiNA Clear Sight

    LiNA Elfred consists of a small sponge in an aluminium foil container with adhesive on the back. The sponge is prefilled with 6ml antifog solution. LiNA Elfred offers a high degree of convenience as it is simple and ready for use:

    • Remove the adhesive strip under the container and attach it to the patient drape or instrument table.
    • Remove the lid of the container.
    •  Press the scope onto the sponge and twist it to apply a membrane of the antifog solution.
    •  If required, the sponge can be taken out of the container to clean the sides of the scope.

    The LiNA Elfred is available with or without alcohol. The alcohol version has a longer shelf life.

    LiNA Clear Sight Wipe

    LiNA Clear Sight Wipe is prefilled with antifog solution and individually packed in a peel pouch. The LiNA Clear Sight Wipe is only available without alcohol.

  • LiNA Bipolar Loop™

    Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH) & subserosal pedunculated myomectomy

    The LiNA Bipolar Loop facilitates the same outstanding features as the LiNA Gold Loop, which reformed the market for Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH). This next generation loop uses bipolar energy to section the uterus in few seconds – reducing both procedure time and number of traditional cutting and coagulation instruments.The LiNA Bipolar Loop is additionally designed to simplify subserosal pedunculated myomectomy, resectioning the myoma in one clean cut.


    Low energy high effect


    The LiNA Bipolar Loop underlines the importance of safety during every procedure

    Optimum efficiency

    The bipolar energy enables an instant cut with optimum efficiency at a low effect, using only 55-70 watts.

    The fact that no neutral plate is needed improves the safety of the patient

    Protective ceramic tip

    A protective ceramic tip substantiates the safety by contracting the cutting area to only including the sides of the loop.

    In addition the ceramic tip ensures correct retraction of the loop.

    Improved visualization

    The coloured insulation of the electrode provides a comprehensive view for positioning and improving the visualization on the monitor.

    The ceramic tip amplifies the correct placement of the loop around the cervix due to easy identification of the electrode.

    One clean cut in few seconds!

    The functional design strengthens the intuitive and easy-to-use ability of the LiNA Bipolar Loop.

    • Ready and easy to operate

    When the handle is pushed forward the cutting loop opens instantly and is ready for immediate positioning around the uterus or myoma.Placement of hands is indicated by a rugged surface on both handle and tube thereby ensuring optimal manoeuvring.

    • Cut and coagulation in one simple step

    In one simple move the retraction of the loop ensures both cut and coagulation leaving a nice clean surface. This technique minimizes the need for post-coagulation of the cervix or peduncle.

    • Ergonomic surgical position

    By eliminating traditional coagulation and cutting devices the surgical time is reduced with several minutes and in addition the loop induces a more ergonomic working environment due to the shortened procedural time.

    Applicable for various sizes of uteri and myomas

    The versatility of the LiNA Bipolar Loop emphasizes the adaptation to the various sizes of uteri or myomas.

    • 3 loop sizes: standard (160mm x 80mm), large (200mm x 100mm) and x-large (240mm x 120mm)
    • It is supplied with a fixed 2-pin 4mm male bipolar plug (with 29mm distance) or EURO connector
  • LiNA EasyBag™

    The cost effective specimen retrieval system.


    Strong / tear resistant pouch

    The pouch of the LiNA EasyBag is made of strong polyurethane plastic. The LiNA EasyBag is available in two different sizes;75 x 150mm (250ml) and 125 x 200mm (750ml).


    Easy to use

    The LiNA EasyBag is enclosed inside a 10mm holster for easy insertion into a standard trocar. After insertion unfold the LiNA EasyBag with a grasper and fill in the specimen. Remove the LiNA EasyBag through the incision, after removal of the trocar.


    Use the LiNA EasyBag for the following procedures:

    • Appendices Blood Clots
    • Fallopian Tubes Lymph nodes
    • Gall bladder and stones Lung wedges
    • Section of bowel Fibroid Myomas
    • Omentum Ovaries
    • Spleen   Kidneys
    • Blood Clots
    • Lymph nodes
    • Lung wedges
    • Fibroid Myomas
    • Ovaries
    • Kidneys

    …… and other similar structures

  • LiNA Electrodes™

    E550-R-200 Electrode extender. For 2.35mm pencils. Length 200mm

  • LiNA EndoBag™

    Specimen Retrieval Bag Single use laparoscopic instrument for 10, 11 or 12mm trocars

    The patented LiNA EndoBag is a single use specimen retrieval bag for 10, 11 or 12mm trocars, designed to temporarily contain specimen and facilitate their removal from the patient during laparoscopic surgery.
    Due to the risk of contamination of the abdominal cavity when a specimen infected by e.g. malignant tumours is removed, the need for a safe and easy-to-use specimen retrieval bag is growing fast in the minimal invasive surgery. The LiNA EndoBag ensures a good result each time at a cost effective price for the hospital.

    • Tear resistant – double wall pouch – ensures extra safety

    The LiNA EndoBag has a double wall pouch, made of a strong tear resistant polyethylene material. If the outer pouch, by accident, is fractured with a sharp needle or an endo-hook during a procedure, the inner pouch remains unharmed and the specimen can be removed without any contamination risk.

    • Impermeable pouch – minimizes risk of contamination of surgical site

    Due to the double wall pouch, the LiNA EndoBag is impermeable, which means that contaminated specimen cannot pass through the bag. Consequently, the risk of intra abdominal contamination is minimized.

    • No metal content – minimizes risk of electrosurgical burns

    Furthermore, the absence of metal parts in the LiNA EndoBag minimizes the risk of electrosurgical burns.

    • Unique flexible plastic ring opens and closes the bag

    The unique construction and flexible plastic ring to which the bag is attached ensures that the LiNA EndoBag automatically remains open and makes it easy to place the specimen into the bag. The plastic ring can also be used to “scoop” the specimen into the bag without use of graspers.

    Furthermore, the bag can be opened completely and closed as many times as needed during the procedure.

    • Adjustable bag opening size

    Due to the construction of the ring, the surgeon can decide how open the bag should be during use. Limited space in the abdomen often requires a small opening. The LiNA EndoBag gives the surgeon full control of the complete procedure.


    • Open the bag outside the abdomen

    The LiNA EndoBag pouch can be opened during the removal phase as opposed to bags that are closed completely by a string. The extra feature enables the surgeon to open up the bag again, while the plastic ring with the top of the pouch is “outside” and the rest of the pouch is still “inside” the abdomen.

    Remove liquid in the bag with a suction device and remove some of the specimens one by one by using a grasper. The bag with the remaining specimens can then easily be removed from the abdomen by pulling the bag. This feature minimizes the need for making extra incisions in the fascia during the removal phase.

    • Re-use several times for the same patient

    Due to the unique construction of the LiNA EndoBag, the bag can be reused several times for the same patient e.g. for removal of both ovarian tubes. Simply fold the pouch and cover it carefully again with the white protection tube. The LiNA EndoBag is now ready for use again.

    • Available in 2 sizes – 60 & 100mm diameter

    The LiNA EndoBag is available in two different pouch sizes. Choose either the EB-60 with 60mm pouch diameter, 125mm pouch length and a total volume of 110ml or the large EB-100 with a 100mm pouch diameter, 160mm pouch length and a total volume of 410ml. With these two sizes most needs in minimal invasive surgery are covered.

    The LiNA EndoBag specimen pouch is ideal for removal of tissue specimens such as:

    • Gall bladders & stones
    • Appendices
    • Ectopic pregnancies
    • Lymph nodes
    • Myomas
    • Ovaries
    • Lung wedges
    • Omentum
    • Sections of bowel
    • And other similar structures
  • LiNA EndoHook™

    Single use endoscopic monopolar hook electrodes for laparoscopic procedures

    • Available with 3 different tips
    • Choose between finger- or footswitch instruments


    Ceramic tip insulation designed to lead the energy exactly where it is needed.


    Available i different versions

    • Fingerswitch or footswitch
    • Length 320 mm or 400 mm
    • Needle tip, L-shaped tip or Spatula tip electrode
    • 4 mm male connector or 3 pin connector
    • Adaptors for different generators


    • Lightweight and slim design
    • Different tip designs for precise dissection, cutting and coagulation in a variety of sugical applications

    LiNA Tip cleaner
    For cleaning of electrodes

  • LiNA Gold Loop HC™

    Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy and Myomectomy

    Lina Gold Loop is also available in hand control function

    – Sections the uterus in a few seconds!

    – Hand control eliminates the use of foot pedal


  • LiNA Gold Loop™

    Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy and Myomectomy

    Lina Gold Loop is available in Foot control function

    – sections the uterus in approximately 5 seconds!


    Safe and precise sectioning

    The LiNA Gold Loop allows for a unique and comprehensive view during positioning, cutting and coagulating.

    • The surface remains clean and coagulated.

    • Coloured flex on loop wire optimizes visibility on the monitor


    Minimize procedure time

    The LiNA Gold Loop is a safe and effective monopolar loop for sectioning of the uterus during Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH). Furthermore, the LiNA Gold Loop is ideal for removal of myomas located outside the wall of the uterus (subserous or pendunculated).

    • Clean and effective cut each time

    Traditionally, when performing an LSH the uterus is sectioned above the cervix using traditional cutting and coagulating instruments. The sectioning of the uterus usually takes between 10-30 minutes due to the difficulties in cutting near the cervix. The unique LiNA Gold Loop is specially designed to perform the same uterus sectioning in approximately 5 seconds! The monopolar loop performs a safe and precise sectioning of the uterus leaving the cervix with a clean and coagulated surface. A successful result every time.

    • Cut and coagulation in one single step

    By setting the generator at a Blend mode, approximately 20% coagulation and 80% cut, 100-130 watt, the LiNA Gold Loop performs an optimum cut and coagulation during the procedure and thereby eliminates the necessity for post-coagulation of the surface.

    • Ready and easy to operate

    When the handle is pushed forward the loop opens and is ready for use. The rigid cannula optimizes manoeuvrability.


    Unique monopolar loop for LSH and Myomectomy

    • 3 loop sizes: (160mm x 80mm), (200mm x 100mm) and (240mm x 120mm).

    • LiNA Gold Loop is available with 4mm and 8mm connectors, to fit any electrosurgical unit

  • LiNA LapGuard™

    Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration System



    LiNA LapGuard Smoke Filtration System


    Clean air in the operating room

    Several studies confirm that electrosurgical smoke affects the health of both staff and patients and reports indicate that headache, nausea and upper respiratory irritation are amongst the most common issues[1].
    The smoke consists of carbonized tissue, blood, viral particles, DNA, bacteria, carbon dioxide, toxic gases and water and these airborne particles are small enough to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract[2].
    As standard surgical masks cannot effectively filter these particles, smoke evacuation has become a topic of immediate importance. National nurse associations and authorities including AORN and NIOSH recommend that smoke should be removed using smoke evacuators [3, 4]. In addition, during laparoscopic surgery, surgical smoke will impair visibility in the peritoneum. Hence smoke should be evacuated and filtered[5].

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    • Hazard control 11 (HC11)” – NIOSH – Publication no. 96-128 – September 1996.
    • “AORN Position Statement – Statement on Surgical Smoke and Bio-Aerosols”, approved by House of Delegates, Anaheim, CA. April 2008.
    • Surgical Smoke – A concern for infection control practitioners” – Girolamo A. Ortolano, Joseph S. Cervia, Francis P. Canonica – Managing Infection Control, August 2009 (k8-54)


    Remove smoke and odors

    With ULPA filter with active carbon, LiNA LapGuard offers evacuation and filtration of electrosurgical smoke during laparoscopic procedures. By using LiNA LapGuard the patient’s and staff’s exposure to potentially harmful smoke is minimised

    Improved visibility

    A better view of the surgical site is secured resulting in a more efficient procedure.

    Easy to use

    Attach the luer lock connector to a trocar system with gasport. During extensive use of electrosurgery the roller clamp may be adjusted to allow for a constant gas flow.

  • LiNA Librata™

    Cordless Balloon Ablation Device(Endometrial Ablation Simplified)

    2 minute treatment time with the versatility of balloon therapy.
    A fully automated, portable solution for endometrial ablation.


    • ~2 minute thermal treatment time.
    • No complicated setup.


    • Slim 5.4 mm catheter requires minimal or no dilation.
    • Ideally suited for ambulatory gynecology.
    • Only a simple sounding measurement required.


    Cordless Intelligence

    • No cables. No generator. No capital investment.
    • Intelligent software automatically manages time, temperature, and pressure.
  • LiNA MaxFlow™

    Powerful suction and irrigation system with electrosurgery applications.


    LiNA MaxFlow

    • Suction probe with relieving eyes and false-air regulator on suction handle designed for procedures where delicate suction is required.

    LiNA MaxFlow Endohook

    • Monolar endohook with safety function for retraction of electrode tip into cannula. Designed for safe suction and irrigation when diathermy function is not in us.


    LiNA MaxFlow

    • Suction probe available in 5mm or 10mm, and 5mm extended length (370mm)•Choice of solely suction and irrigation function or supplement with accessory for monopolar or bipolar electrosurgical accessories available: LiNA MaxFlow Endohook and LiNA MaxFlow Blunt Coagulator

    LiNA MaxFlow Endohook

    • electrode tips on monopolar endohook designed for precise dissection, cutting and coagulation in a variety of surgical applications

    LiNA MaxFlow Blunt Coagulator
    Possibility of

    • coagulation with bipolar energy while at the same time using S/I
    • immediate reaction to sudden bleeding
    • minimize thermal spread due to instant cooling


    LiNA MaxFlow

    •Unique separate channel design in handle designed to reduce risk of blood clots or debris blockage

    •True 9mm direct flow through whole suction system when using a 10mm probe during suction and irrigation procedure

    •No need for frequent change of instruments during surgical procedure as suction, irrigation, dissection, coagulation and cutting is all in one instrument!

  • LiNA McCartney Tube™

    Improving the outcome of Minimally Invasive Gynaecology

    The LiNA McCartney Tube offers you a unique single use device, sterile and ready to use.

  • LiNA OperåScope™

    Single-Use Operative Hysteroscopy System

    See and Treat Hysteroscopywithout capital cost or complexity.
    The complete system for see and treat hysteroscopy in the office setting.



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  • LiNA OrthoSuction™

    Orthopaedic Suction System with Filter


    For removal of debris and blood during orthopaedic surgery.


    LiNA OrthoSuction

    The LiNA OrthoSuction is designed to remove debris and blood during orthopaedic surgery. The built-in filter in the handle ensures a free flow throughout the suction system. The filter traps bone clips, bone cement, blood clots and other debris likely to cause blocking.

    LiNA OrthoSuction comes with a short and a long flexible suction tip. By reversing the tips you have a choice of four different positions for rapid evacuation of larger debris and fluids from areas such as the femoral shaft. The non-slip handle ensures safe handling during suction.

    The LiNA OrthoSuction is useful in any surgical procedure where suction of debris and blood is required. It is, however, designed particularly for hip, knee, and spinal surgery, aortic aneurysm and abdominal surgery.


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