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ByRL Trocar washers are made up of Siliconised Rubber which nicely fit in with all kinds of Metallic/ Stainless Steel Trocars. They are available in all sizes 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 20mm with colour coding.


Ordering Information

REF No. Description Size Packing
BTW-03 ByRL Trocar Washer 3mm 3mm Pouch of 5
BTW-05 ByRL Trocar Washer 5mm 5mm Pouch of 5
BTW-07 ByRL Trocar Washer 7mm 7mm Pouch of 5
BTW-10 ByRL Trocar Washer 10mm 10mm Pouch of 5
BTW-12 ByRL Trocar Washer 12mm 12mm Pouch of 5
BTW-15 ByRL Trocar Washer 15mm 15mm Pouch of 5
BTW-20 ByRL Trocar Washer 20mm 20mm Pouch of 5


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