LiNA EasyBag™

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The cost effective specimen retrieval system.


Strong / tear resistant pouch

The pouch of the LiNA EasyBag is made of strong polyurethane plastic. The LiNA EasyBag is available in two different sizes;75 x 150mm (250ml) and 125 x 200mm (750ml).


Easy to use

The LiNA EasyBag is enclosed inside a 10mm holster for easy insertion into a standard trocar. After insertion unfold the LiNA EasyBag with a grasper and fill in the specimen. Remove the LiNA EasyBag through the incision, after removal of the trocar.


Use the LiNA EasyBag for the following procedures:

  • Appendices Blood Clots
  • Fallopian Tubes Lymph nodes
  • Gall bladder and stones Lung wedges
  • Section of bowel Fibroid Myomas
  • Omentum Ovaries
  • Spleen   Kidneys
  • Blood Clots
  • Lymph nodes
  • Lung wedges
  • Fibroid Myomas
  • Ovaries
  • Kidneys

…… and other similar structures


Ordering Information:

LiNA EasyBag

REF. Product Packing
EB-75 LiNA EasyBag – small, 75 x 150mm, volume 250ml. Single use. Box of 20, sterile
EB-125 LiNA EasyBag – large, 125 x 200mm, volume 750ml. Single use. Box of 20, sterile


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