LiNA OperåScope™

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Single-Use Operative Hysteroscopy System

See and Treat Hysteroscopywithout capital cost or complexity.
The complete system for see and treat hysteroscopy in the office setting.



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The value of “see and treat” hysteroscopy to both patients

and providers has been well established for decades.


However, it’s estimated that less than 20% of gynecologists

currently perform hysteroscopy in the office.

Traditional hysteroscopy can be complicated...

The cost and complexity of traditional equipment can make it difficult to incorporate hysteroscopy into your practice. You need staff, sterilization chemicals, and supplies… lots of supplies if you want to support multiple rooms and multiple patients in a day.

Turn every exam room into a hysteroscopy procedure room.


The LiNA OperåScope™ was designed specifically with the office setting in mind. The convenient single-use design is ready for use out of the box, allowing you to diagnose and treat patients without the constraints of traditional hysteroscopy

Curved tip to match her anatomy.

Ergonomic handle to match yours.

With our goal of reinventing the hysteroscopy experience, our first consideration was patient anatomy and surgeon ergonomics. The LiNA OperåScope™ features a 25° deflected catheter tip to match the natural curvature of the uterus, and an angled handle for surgeon comfort.

The steerability and control you’ve been looking for.

Our rigid catheter and 360° steerable tip allows for precise control and maneuverability to navigate your patient’s unique anatomy.

Slim catheter for less dilation and anesthesia.

State of the art micro camera technology has allowed us to create a catheter tip that’s smaller than a LNg IUD inserter for improved patient tolerabilit

Effective distention and clear visualization.

LiNA OperåScope™ features dedicated in-flow and out-flow channels with individual stop-cocks for optimal fluid management.

LiNA Tubing and Drape Kit.

We offer a convenient hysteroscopy tubing and drape kit to address your fluid management needs. Our kit includes:

Full underbuttock drape with graduation markings and drainage port

Inflow tubing with luer lock connector and spike connector for use with saline bag.

Outflow tubing with luer lock connector and female suction cannister connector.

Drainage collection bag.

LiNA Single-Use Instrumentation.

Biopsy Cup Forceps
Rat Tooth Alligator Grasper

Recording and Connectivity

The LiNA OperåScope™ offers multiple options to meet your office setup and recording needs. You have the flexibility of onboard LCD viewing only, connection directly to an external monitor via standard HDMI cable, or utilize the LiNA OperåScope™ Recording Module for image and video capture to USB

Ordering Information

LiNA OperåScope™

Description Packing
OP-201-6 LiNA OperåScope™ Operative Hysteroscope with HDMI cable and onboard LCD (sterile single-use) Box of 6
OP-FCP-6 LiNA OperåScope™ Biopsy Cup Forceps (sterile single-use) Box of 6
OP-GRA-6 LiNA OperåScope™ Rat Tooth Alligator Grasper (sterile single-use) Box of 6
OP-SCI-6 LiNA OperåScope™ Scissors (sterile single-use) Box of 6
OP-TDK-6 LiNA OperåScope™ Tubing and Drape Kit (sterile single-use) Box of 6


OP-RM-1 LiNA OperåScope™ Recording Module Each

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